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More Educational Opportunities for All

The non-profit "Haus der kleinen Forscher" Foundation (Little Scientists’ House) is Germany’s largest early childhood education initiative in the domains of science, technology, engineering/computer science, and mathematics (STEM). With an accompanying focus on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD), the aim of the programme is to strengthen children for the future, provide them with important skills, and enable them to act in a sustainable way.

Together with its local network partners, the Foundation provides a nationwide continuing professional development programme that supports pedagogical staff at early childhood education and care centres, after-school centres, and primary schools in facilitating the exploration, inquiry, and learning of children between the ages of three and ten.

To this end, the "Haus der kleinen Forscher" Foundation improves educational opportunities, fosters interest in the domains of science, technology, computer science, and mathematics, and professionalises pedagogical staff.

Pedagogic Vision

Erzieherin gemeinsam mit fünf Kindern an einem Tisch voller Experimentiermaterialien
© Christoph Wehrer / Stiftung Haus der kleinen Forscher

The pedagogic approach of the "Haus der kleinen Forscher" programme incorporates the many findings of modern research in the fields of early childhood education, developmental psychology, didactics, and learning research.

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STEM Education for Sustainable Development

The Foundation's educational work is oriented towards the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by all United Nations Member States in 2015. It aims to contribute to the sustainable development of the world and society. To achieve this, STEM competencies, such as a research attitude, observation, reflection, and an understanding of correlations, are important requirements. The concept of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) helps the Foundation to come closer to its vision of strong children who act responsibly and successfully meet global challenges.

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