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teachers in Brazil at a workshop

Looking through colourful paper glasses: Educators in Brazil explore the topic "Light, Colours, and Vision".

teachers in Thailand at a workshop

Investigating water: Colleagues from Thailand try to find out how to make the largest bubble.

electric circuit

How can I make a bulb glow? This girl from Eindhoven (the Netherlands) found out how to create an electric circuit.

Wide range of topics

The “Haus der kleinen Forscher” professional development programme covers a wide range of topics, which are being developed continuously. The workshops do not focus solely on science and technology but also have a pedagogic focus area that specifically addresses the way in which children can be accompanied in their processes of exploration and inquiry. Pedagogical resources such as cards and brochures are provided for each topic. The workshops for example cover following topics.

Examples of workshop topics

Find STEM everywhere!

Science, technology, engineering an mathematics surround us at any time. So, this training supports educators in recognizing and taking up the potential of STEM learning opportunities in their daily educational work with young children. They learn how to help children discover and research in everyday situations.

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How to implement Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)

This training was developed for educators and in a special version also for leaders of kindergardens. Both learn more about the concept of early Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) and how to implement it in their daily educational work and the whole institution.

Investigating Water

The participants explore water with all their senses, investigate the different aggregation states of water, and test the solubility of various substances. When so doing, they become acquainted with the pedagogic approach of the “Haus der kleinen Forscher” programme (co-construction, metacognition) and obtain ideas for their role as facilitators of learning.
Download Inquiry Activities Water​​​​​​​

Investigating Water in Nature and Technology

This workshop shows the diverse roles that water plays in our everyday lives. Numerous natural phenomena are discussed and linked to world knowledge and technical applications.

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Investigating Air

Participants introduce air into the room, catch air bubbles, and discover that air is not “nothing”. They work with the Inquiry Cycle method, exchange experiences, and practise asking questions that encourage metacognitive thinking.
Download Inquiry Activities Air

Investigating Mathematics of Shape and Space

Children enjoy getting to the bottom of mathematical phenomena in the form of patterns and structures, geometric shapes, and three-dimensional objects. This workshop also addresses the assessment of the individual child’s stage of development and ways in which participants, as facilitators of learning, can foster children’s mathematical skills.

Investigating Sounds and Noises

Acoustic phenomena are all around us. Exploring and investigating sounds and noises offers children a type of learning that is very closely connected to their day-to-day experiences. Besides providing many practical ideas, this workshop focuses on participants’ role as moderators of learning processes in children’s groups.

Investigating Carbon Dioxide Gas

In our daily lives, chemical substances are almost everywhere. Their properties can easily be explored with children. This workshop clearly shows that the process of exploration and inquiry lends itself particularly well to simultaneously fostering children’s science and language skills.

Investigating Light, Colours, and Vision

In our world of everyday experience, we encounter this topic in many forms: shadows, sunglasses, artist’s colours, colourful blossoms; dyeing Easter eggs; mirrors and the fruit juice stain on a t-shirt. In addition, this workshop addresses important principles of project work.
Download Inquiry Activities Light-Colours-Vision
Download Brochure Light-Colours-Vision

Technology – Forces and Effects

In this workshop, participants investigate forces and their effects, especially from the field of mechanics. They design their own constructions and applications. Furthermore, they learn more about the didactics of technology, which can support children’s technology-based learning processes. Ideas for, and examples from, everyday practice complement the theoretical background.
Download Inquiry Activities Technology
Download Brochure Technology

Investigating Magnetism

The invisible forces of magnets fascinate children. In this workshop, participants find themselves in a miniature scrap yard, move toy cars without actually touching them, and levitate magnets. In addition, they receive practical advice on organising inquiry processes with children using the Inquiry Cycle method.

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