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Research: Results & Publications

The Foundation’s activities are continuously evaluated and accompanied by scientific research. The “Haus der kleinen Forscher” Foundation sees itself as a learning organisation and promotes the exchange of knowledge between research and practice. In addition to carrying out continuous internal monitoring, with a focus on quality assurance and quality development, the Foundation works with renowned external partners who conduct long-term accompanying research aimed at ensuring scientifically sound practices.

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All results of the scientific studies (see: Key Findings as PDF) are made transparent and accessible; they are published in the series “Wissenschaftliche Untersuchungen zur Arbeit der Stiftung ‘Haus der kleinen Forscher’” [Scientific studies on the work of the “Haus der kleinen Forscher” Foundation] and in an annual monitoring report:

Internal Quality Monitoring: Monitoring Reports
The Foundation regularly surveys the key players of the professional development programme (teachers and educators, trainers, and local network partners) to obtain their feedback on the programme offerings. The results of this quality monitoring are published in annual reports (available in German only).

Quality of the Foundation: Independent Evaluation
In 2013, the Foundation’s work was evaluated by an independent panel of experts in quality assessment (results - only available in German).

The Foundation is a member of the German Evaluation Society - DeGEval.

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Scientific Publication Series Volume 5 (2018)
Early Science Education – Goals and Process-Related Quality Criteria for Science Teaching
The fifth volume in the series focuses on goals of science education at the level of the children and pedagogues, and on quality criteria for science teaching at pre-primary and primary level. The expert reports specify pedagogical content dimensions of the goals of early science education at pre-primary and primary school age.
(English translation of the fifth volume of the German scientific publication series, download PDF)

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